There can be many issues associated with building a home – for example issues such as high costs, space shortages and slow build times can be a real headache. In attempting to mitigate these challenges (and more) associated with home building and an increasing desire for more environmentally friendly and sustainable forms of housing many of us are looking at alternatives to traditional bricks and mortar.

In recent years shipping containers have seen a rapid expansion as a viable alternative to traditional homes.

Shipping containers offer a modular approach and are easily modified. They can be linked and connected or stacked vertically to create intriguing designs that make effective use of space whilst remaining rapid to deploy and relative low cost.

Container homes are traditionally built up from either new or used ISO containers. These are relatively cheap and extremely durable. Whilst the shape of the shipping container may not, at first appearance represent a traditional concept for house, shipping containers can make a surprisingly beautiful home. Several containers can be built into a modular design windows and doors can be cut in and interiors equipped and decorated making it ready for a happy family living environment.

The modular approach (click here for shipping container dimensions) allows architects the freedom to create modern yet functional designs for living. Indeed this approach is not just limited to living space and can be readily applied to working environments also either as rapidly deployed temporary buildings or permanent workspaces.

As the world continues to grow and populations expand the issue of cheap effective and durable homes will continue to gain focus – the future will be all about flexibility and property will need to respond to an ever growing requirement to meet social and environment needs comply with technological barriers..

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