Once you’ve decided on using shipping containers as the building blocks for your new home the first question you’ll ask yourself is where will you buy them from.

Luckily there are a variety of options open to you.

What to think about before you buy your shipping container

1/ Obtain quotes from several vendors
2/ Always choose standard ISO containers in order that you are confident that multiple units will stack and fit together.
3/ If your buying a used unit(s) make sure that you inspect thoroughly – (all sides and corners) – check for signs of rust – do all the locking mechanisms work correctly – etc.
4/ If used ask about history – bear in mind you’ll need to get the unit professionally cleaned depending on what it has previously transported

New or used or used containers

This is often one of the key questions you’ll face – new will guarantee a quality unit that will be clean, last a long time and will be ready to go from the start. Buying used, whilst understandably the cheaper option, there will be some initial maintenance to carry out (cleaning and maybe some repairs or treatments).

Where to buy.

Depending on your location there are usually various distributors/sellers in most geographical locations – consider looking for companies that are near major transport hubs (ports specifically) that will be likely to have plenty of units to view (make sure you wear suitable clothing for this task!)

Increasingly many home builders using shipping containers are looking to specialized companies that provide turnkey solutions for purchasing, delivering and kitting out containers.

For more information on this check out our where to buy shipping containers listings page showing companies you could use.

Don’t forget delivery

When you’ve chosen your container(s) don’t forget that you’ll need to consider how it will be transported to your site – the seller may provide this service or you may have to arrange it yourself – do consider how it will be loaded onto your transport!

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