Here’s one that’s a little left field….

In alot of our posts we discuss the beauty that is shipping container homes – we’ve shown you some great examples too -but we came across this story – that we found courtesy of who write about a recent shipping container project involving the building or a toilet block from shipping containers.


New facilities have been planted at the Bowl of Brooklands to replace a toilet block destroyed by fire last week.

The unisex toilet, which was installed a week ago, is a retrofitted shipping container painted a fetching forest green.

Earlier this month, firebugs torched the toilet block at the northern entrance to the TSB Bowl of Brooklands.

While the destroyed toilet block had about a 10 toilets the new container houses only three.

Pukekura Park curator Chris Connolly said the toilet situation for Womad would not be a problem because organisers would get more.

The shipping container would be open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and cleaned regularly, he said.


A novel approach – we can understand that in utilizing shipping containers they get a rapid build time – but we can’t help but snigger a little at the subject matter!…If your interested the shipping container toilet blocks come from entrepreneur Wayne Eustace, who has been retrofitting containers for about 10 years and cost around $8000 and $15,000 (new zealand dollars that is).  Head on over to the article at for the full skinny…


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