Over at webecoist they have a fab story covering the san francisco mobile pizza joint that is yes you guessed it made from a recycled shipping container.

The oven is on the upper level, where the cook shapes and bakes all the fresh Neapolitan pies. The pizzas are then delivered to the lower level via a special rack, where the cashier doles them out to customers.

While you can’t expect a Slate Kitchen Floor or the latest Kitchen Cabinet Layouts owner Jon Darsky has suppassed expectation by installing a 5,000 pound wood-fired pizza oven.  While you could argue that we’ve seen recycled shipping containers used for resteraunts before (who can forget the Shipping container Starbucks we ‘aint never seen anything like this!

Be sure to check out webecoist for the fully story and lots more photo’s.  And of course if your in the San Fran area be sure to check it out!

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