From the Gainesville Sun comes  a story that I’ve often asked myself – do shipping container homes look a little, well – ugly.

The story reports on Tom Fox who has built a shipping container home (three level an constructed from 12 containers).  Yes of course there are some great example of some beautiful container homes (check out the ones on this site for example) – but you can’t get away from thinking they look a little boxy.

The piece raises an interesting question about how well container homes fit with a normal neighbourhood – which is a good debate

From the article:

Janie Williams, a former president of the Porters neighborhood association, calls it an “eyesore.”

“I don’t think that it is a part of the neighborhood,” Williams said. “The houses that are here, it is just out of place. And right now, with it not being painted and everything, it’s really an eyesore.

“However, I think that as far as the mechanics of it, as far as being a LEED house, and it has all the inner structure of lighting and being able to maintain its own energy, a solar system and everything, that’s all well and good,” Williams said. “But it just doesn’t fit in the neighborhood.”

Here’s a pic of the site – we’d love to hear what you think – (that’s what our comments section is for!!!).

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