If your seriously thinking of a shipping container home there’s no getting away from the fact that you’ll need to insulate it properly.

Most ISO shipping containers are manufactured from Corten steel and so you’ll be looking for insulation that is effective when applied to a metal surface.

Many users contemplating using shipping containers as home building material are put off thinking that rudimentary tasks such as insulation are overly complex or costsly. Luckily this is not the case and insulating your shipping container home is relatively easy with material easily obtainable and no more costly that insulating a standard home.
Whilst there may well be a variety of options open to you for undertaking this task one of the mot popular methods is to use ceramic spray insulation. The benefits for this method is in its simple application and pricing comparable to typical fiberglass/foam insulation (estimated at around $700 per standard ISO shipping container unit).
There are lots of brands available such as SuperTherm, Tempcoat, Lizardskin.  When properly ceramic spray insulation effectively reflects heat and and ultravilolet (stopping the transference of cold and heat). The spray is very effective, can be used on a multitude of paint surface types (which makes it an excellent choice for the various sufaces in a typical shipping container home.)

Applying Container Home insulation

If your using Ceramic spray insulation then it’s a fairly easy process going on similarly to paint. It’ll require a level of preparation and suitable equipment but its relatively easy to get a great finish which when dry can be painted.


As with any home, insulation is a must, if your suing ISO containers there is no need to worry that you’ll struggle – materials are readily available and application is easy enough allowing you to get on with your homebuilding and focusing on the rest of the build.

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