We recently posted on Retirement home created from shipping containers, the story about how Bill Glennon and his wife are looking to construct thier retirement home from Shipping containers which have previously visited “the four corners of globe”

Now the Edmunton journal has a great video on thier project (you can view it http://www.edmontonjournal.com/news/Couple+retires+Rimbey+home+built+from+steel+shipping+containers/5703211/story.html)

What’s really impressive is Bill’s vision of what his house could be – this is vital when undertaking a project of this type – as you can pick up from the video there are a tonne of activities to complete before the home will be finished.

Also check out the sustainability angle – solar power, insulation,

While the home might not look great yet – you can tell from Bill’s passion that by the time he’s finished it’ll be stunning.

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