News from the Hartford Courant – Architect Christian E. Salvati is looking to construct his latest building from six steel shipping containers -

The frame of the two-family house was fashioned by stacking and welding together six steel shipping containers — yes, those 45-footers that are hoisted onto seagoing vessels or loaded onto 18-wheeler flatbeds — three, side-by-side, for each floor. The interior walls of the containers are being carved out to make way for kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and bedrooms.

One of the unsurprising parts of the article is the description of the puzzled faces at the town planning dept – For most Shipping containers are still an odd building block to construct your home from and for the uninitiated it must come accross as a little odd to be building your home from such non-traditional material.

Another aspect that shows that its still early days in the container home market is the comment that – “The industry is young but growing — with perhaps 1,000 units on the drawing board in the next year in this country and Canada”.

Its a really interesting article (you can read it here – check it out – accompanying it is a cool video featuring Christian E. Salvati’s project.

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