With Christmas out of the way January was a bit of a quiet month in the world of container homes – however there was still some interesting titbits.


1/ Starbucks open a container store:

Stabucks opened up a container store over in Seattle – while you could argue that its more a proof of concept (or marketing gimmick) and its not the best looking container property its still an interesting idea and follows on from many of the container stores idea’s that we’ve seen previously.  Branchannel.com has a nice piece on it and an interesting quote from a starbucks spokesperson -

Starbucks spokesman Alan Hilowitz told the New York Times that the eco-friendly concept may lead to more container stores (not to be confused with The Container Store). It will also be one of a kind for another reason, the first “among the 17,000 Starbucks stores globally in that it will be drive-up and walk-up only with no space to lounge inside.”


2/ Sustainblog has a nice piece on using shipping containers for factories in particular fuel charcoal production – following an interview with CEO of re:char Jason Aramburu, it really does pose some interesting ideas on what the future of shipping container use could be.

3/ Grace over at http://gracie-senseandsimplicity.blogspot.com blogs about a fabulous cabin made out of, yes you guessed it, a shipping container.  It’s a great example of what can be achieved – is not overly complicated but killer effective – there’s a series of fantastic photo’s and a floor plan to inspire you.

4/ http://www.psfk.com shows off stacked shipping containers used to show off wares at Berlin’s  Bread & Butter Berlin (BBB) trade show.

The shipping containers were stacked on top of one another, in an industrial-looking setup that blended with the warehouse setting. The D.O.C.K exhibit was by the Sport & Street section and featured brands like TokykioDreamTeamMutewatchSebago, and Waiting for the Sun

So that’s our brief round up for January 2012 – be sure to check back soon for more picks on shipping container home news.

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