One of the common issues with shipping container homes is to do with insulation. Like any house build project, when your home is built you’ll need to ensure you dont bake in the summer and freeze in the winter.

Many will worry about rust. You’ll need to check this out in detail but as most shipping containers are made from weathering steel (non corrosive corten steel) which is very robust. While no two container conversions are exactly the same (and budgets will vary) the fact is Shipping containers are not all that different from traditional home builds and you’ll want to consider early on in the planning phase how you’ll go about insulating your container(s). shows what can be done with insulating foam, goes further looking at a variety of options open to those looking to convert containers. is a bit more bold

“There are many ways to insulate your shipping container home. You could spay on the insulation, roll it on and even use some type of ecological form, like egg cartons, etc. The best by far is the spray on type of insulation. This is called a polyurethane foam and it works best in combination with ceramic insulation paint.

Whatever option you go for, as always your plan should cover it from the start of your project!

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