For a truly inspiring story head on over to which have  a great piece on how a group of students are working together to develop mobile, modular health clinics made (yes you guessed it) from Shipping containers.  Gabrielle Palermo describes how the idea was conceived:


“I worked on a project called Doc in a Box, which was a similar idea, turning steel containers into clinics for rural places,” explains Palermo. “Another team called Project Local, was also working on designing containers for maternity wards in Kenya.” The prize at the end of the competition was a small amount of funding.

Turns out, Doc in a Box won $1,500, while the competing team, which was comprised of her now co-founders, won $2,000. At the time, however, both were considered just student projects, with nowhere near enough funding to actually build a clinic. So, Palermo, a biomedical engineering major, looked for ways to take the idea to the next level.

Here at <a href=””></a> we’ve featured lots of stories about how you can utilize recycled shipping containers but this is one that offers something a little out of the ordinary with a some real social benefits – for more info – head on over to the link above for’s article or head on over to

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