http://www.chron.comn have a truly inspiring piece on how Christchurch in New Zealand are recovering their town from recent earthquakes.  Back in September 2010 – an earthquake measuring 7.1 hit the NZ city  this caused some minor damage but it was the follow up ‘quake back in Feb 2011 which resulted in over 180 deaths and wide spread destruction of local buildings.

More than 900 buildings in the district are tagged for demolition and, possibly, to never be rebuilt; 6,000 structures in the region are red-tagged; and the relatively new AMI Stadium, the outlet for rabid rugby pride, will probably have to be demolished.

Given the task ahead its unsurprising to think that the local residents looked for opportunities to get themselves ahead of the build time associated with traditional property builds – businesses looked to rapidly recover the situation and have initially opted for a mall constructed with shipping containers allowing them to trade within weeks rather than months.

“I believe we’ll still have a lot of that English heritage, but that we will be a very modern city,” said Mark Gilbert, owner of Hassle-Free Tours. “It’s not going to happen overnight. We want to make sure it will be done in the right way.”

Some of it will be done with bricks and cement, some with shipping containers. Either way, while sitting among the bustling, vibrant “new” City Mall, it was clear: Unlike the pills at the drugstore just blocks away, Christchurch itself doesn’t appear to have an expiration date.

Head over to the site (link above) to check out the full range of photographs which include this fantastic 2 shipping container cafe.

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