Whilst our site focuses using Shipping Containers as homes, we love to see them being used for other things too – Given this we’re really excited to see Boxpark Shopping mall over in London.

December will see one of the world’s first  shopping malls (albeit a temporary one),  open in the UK. This, however will not be your  typical shopping complex – this one will be constructed from  shipping containers – sixty of them.  This has caught the idea of a number of big brands with traders such as Nike and Puma taking part – This is London reports

But the idea of using shipping containers also comes with economic benefits. “Most traditional retail developments try to sign their tenants up to five- and 10-year leases. In this current economic environment, for new retailers who may not have had their own space before, that is a real liability,” says Wade, who leases space for as little as one year.

“It offers arguably the most cost-efficient and flexible way for new entrants to gain exposure in the retail market,” says Boxpark’s retail agent Mark Phillipson.

For more on this “pop up shopping mall” check out the official website boxpark.co.uk

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