shows off a really interesting concept – a home within a home.  With the owners industrial sized loft appartment

The couple faced one major issue: how to add a guest bedroom / office without disrupting the flow of the space. Solution? Shipping containers! After finding and prepping the containers, the two crates were crane-lifted into the apartment through the roof, with the blue “office” container stacked atop the orange guest room.

All too often here on we focus on how to build a new home from containers so adding a room in a pre-existing home appealed due to it being different.  What appeals as well is the minimalistic approach.  While many people that use containers for homes attempt to disguise the fact that they’ve used containers – Jeff Wardell’s approach is different – there’s no disguising the raw material here but we’re loving the fantastic use of space – just look at what they’ve crammed in there – and while the styling may not appeal to everyone (to me it looks a little cold or raw) you have to admire what’s been produced.

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